Be Prepared for These Uncommon Homeowners Insurance Claims

When looking for California home insurance, you’re probably looking for the best possible coverage. You want to make sure that all of your bases are covered, whether you’re an experienced homeowner or a first-timer. Common home insurance claims include things like a wind damage or a fire, things that will be covered by your home insurance in a heartbeat. The top common insurance claims also include things like hail, theft, and non-weather related water damage, according to Insurance Journal. But then there’s things that are not so common that might need some type of coverage and preparation on your end. There are some different things that your home insurance may cover and it’s important for you to know exactly what they are. Be prepared for these uncommon homeowners insurance claims.

Dog Bites

Over 36 percent of households own a dog, according to the Centers for Disease Control. This means that dog bites can happen. Nearly one in five people who are bitten by a dog need to receive medical attention. And to top it off, over 4.7 million people are bitten a year, with more than 50 percent of dog bites happening on the owner’s property. While it seems like it’s a common claim, it’s also an unusual claim. Homeowner’s insurance claims for dog bites have amounted to $686 in liability claims in 2017, according to the Insurance Information Institute. So you definitely don’t have to fear if there’s a dog bite that occurs. You’ll absolutely be covered.


Sometimes accidents happen, and some accidents include mold. Mold issues can cost you thousands of dollars, but don’t fret about it. Depending on the underlying cause of the mold, you might be covered by your California home insurance. Homeowners insurance will pay for mold damage that’s a direct result of a peril that’s covered by your policy. For example, if mold is caused by a burst pipe, it’s generally covered by your policy. However, make sure you read your policy carefully: if it’s not a covered peril, the mold will not be covered. Pollution, for example, is a common exclusion.


While homeowners insurance typically excludes acts of war, it actually covers acts of terrorism. In this situation, terrorism is considered a criminal act, and criminal acts are generally covered under your policy. But while terrorism is oddly covered by your insurance, it’s important to note that nuclear accidents are not.

Falling Objects

If a tree falls, what are you going to do? What about if debris falls on your home from a storm, causing damage? Even if a meteorite falls from the sky and damages your home, you’ll also be covered. Don’t fear when it comes to falling objects. Your policy covers you in the event of them.

Accidents Outside the Home

If someone is injured outside of your home, you should know that they are covered under your policy. This means that medical bills are covered in the event of someone being hurt. What’s important to note is that this coverage extends outside of your home. That means if you hurt someone while at the store, their medical bills will be covered.


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