“Protecting Your ABA Business and Clients: Cyber Liability Risks in the Insurance Industry”

Cyber liability risks exist in the insurance industry, especially in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) companies. ABA is a therapy used to treat individuals with autism and other developmental disorders by applying behavioral principles. While ABA has proven to be a successful treatment, there are concerns regarding collecting personal information during therapy sessions.

Data Collection

One such concern is data collection. Employees may use company laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices during ABA sessions to take notes. These devices contain sensitive information that anyone could access without a proper data protection plan. In a data breach, anyone could hold the company liable for any damages caused by disclosing this information.

HIPAA Violations

Another concern is HIPAA violations. Companies that provide ABA services may have access to the personally identifiable information of their clients. HIPAA violations occur when this information is accessed or disclosed without the client’s consent. In addition to the potential financial damages, HIPAA violations can lead to a loss of reputation and trust with clients. HIPAA breach insurance coverage covers the first- and third-party costs associated with a breach. Cyber insurance products often also include risk management services and resources to help organizations mitigate their exposure.

Data Collection Plan

To protect against cyber liability, companies should have a robust data protection plan in place. It includes measures such as encrypting data, regularly updating software, and providing employee training on data security. Additionally, companies should have a plan to respond to data breaches and HIPAA violations, including notifying affected clients and taking steps to prevent future incidents.


In conclusion, while ABA can be a valuable treatment option, companies must know the potential cyber liability risks associated with data collection and HIPAA violations. Companies can reduce their cyber liability risk and protect their client’s personal information by implementing proper data protection measures and planning to respond to incidents.

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