Real Estate Agents: Liven Up Your Listings

Every real estate agent knows the importance of showcasing their listings with quality photos that show off their best features. While photos are critical, listing information is just as important. Without the right keywords, details and descriptions, your listings could be falling flat rather than piquing the interest of potential buyers. Read on to discover the best ways to liven up your listings for 2018.

Highlight the home’s assets.

Know what buyers want. If the home you’ve listed has any of those features, hit them hard in your listing description. Any unique amenities – a gourmet kitchen, hardwood floors, oversized yards and garages – are worth highlighting. Brand names, such as Bosch, Sub-Zero, Wolf and Viking, should be sprinkled throughout the text, says Market Leader.

Don’t forget to remind buyers of other desirable features the home has, including soft close drawers, plenty of storage, rain showers, and more.

Focus on upgrades.

Improved homes are attractive to buyers. New roofs and windows are especially appealing, but any improvements are worth mentioning. A homeowner who cares enough to replace, repair or improve is a homeowner who has most likely maintained the home, which is comforting to buyers.

Include the right kinds of words.

A lazy listing isn’t going to get the home off the market quickly. Be sure to take the time to accurately describe the home, using all relevant trendy terms, including:

  • Fixer upper
  • Granite
  • Real hardwood floors
  • Recently updated
  • Carrera marble
  • Gourmet
  • En suite

Research your particular market before creating listings. You want to make sure to appeal to your buyers and highlight the things they want in a home.

Tell a story with your listing.

Your listings can paint a picture with the high-quality photographs you include. But, it’s equally important to tell a story of what could be for prospective buyers in the listing. For example:

  • “Host holidays in your gourmet kitchen.”
  • “Enjoy picturesque sunsets on your balcony year-round.”
  • “Unwind in your jetted tub in your private en suite.”

Be strategic.

MLS listings don’t allow that many characters for descriptions, so don’t waste space with repetitive information such as how many bedrooms and bathrooms the home has, since that’s already included in the details portion of the ad. Be strategic about where you list information to grab the prospective buyer’s or other real estate agent’s attention quickly. Then, provide subsequent details once they click on the link.

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