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Gain Control Over Healthcare Costs with MDLIVE®

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Improve Health Care Access, Control Expenses

Health care is a significant cost for both employers and employees and providing solutions to control and drive costs down while offering rich employee benefits is a principal objective at ISU-The Olson Duncan Agency. We have partnered with MDLIVE®, a leading telehealth provider of online and on-demand healthcare delivery services, to help our clients and their employees manage their expenses. MDLIVE® provides on-demand, 24/7/365 unlimited physician access to individual employees and their families for non-emergent medical issues, pharmacy benefits and more.

MDLIVE® Health Care Services

You can reduce healthcare costs with MDLIVE® as employees turn less to traditional insurance for medical advice and prescriptions for common ailments resulting in fewer claims, lower administration costs, and lower premiums. MDLIVE® offers the following services:


  • Access to U.S. Board-Certified physicians wherever and whenever by downloading the MDLIVE® Mobile App or by creating an account online. Doctors are ready to diagnose, treat, and prescribe (if needed) an array of non-emergency medical issues ranging from bronchitis to ear problems, soar throats, sinusitis, pink eye, and more. This lowers out-of-out-pocket costs because of fewer expensive doctor, urgent care, and ER visits, and eliminates the hassle and time of having to trek to these offices and facilities.
  • Healthcare Marketplace to find a provider based on medical specialty or by name to see how they rate compared to similar physicians.
  • Pharmacy Benefits enabling employees to locate the nearest pharmacy with the lowest-priced coupons for specific medications, or save up to 85% by using MDLIVE® Prime Rx discount card.
  • Access to Virtual Behavioral Services from the comfort of one’s home with licensed therapists (first three sessions per family included, additional charge per session thereafter).
  • Second Opinion services from world-class physicians for a current diagnosis and treatment plan (subject to a discounted second opinion charge).


How to Get Started with MDLIVE®

The American Medical Association reports that as many as 70% of all doctor visits are for information only or for matters that can be handled over the phone. You can begin lowering your health care costs with MDLIVE®. To find out more about MDLIVE®’s services, how they work, and the benefits to both you and your employees, please contact Carie at ISU-The Olson Duncan Agency at

Helping You Navigate Today’s Health Care Landscape

Health care is a priority for your employees and, at ISU-The Olson Duncan Agency, we know that no one plan fits everyone’s needs. With extensive experience in working with carriers and understanding the ins and outs of what it takes to deliver sound employee benefits, we help employers navigate through what’s available in order to choose the right plan for their business. We also work with each employee so that they select the benefits and options that address their specific needs. To find out more about how we can help you, call us at (310) 373-6441.