What is an “X-Mod”, and How Does it Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Costs?

January 28, 2019

The workers’ compensation insurance market services over 140 million employees across the United States, equating to 94 percent of ...

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Why Contractors Need Pollution Liability Insurance

December 3, 2018

In today’s industry, it’s imperative that contractors have a Construction Insurance policy that specifically includes pollution liability insurance. It’s important ...

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This Winter, Here’s How You Can Reduce Your Energy Bill

November 26, 2018

Winter has finally approached us, meaning that many of us are going to see a rise in our energy ...

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Safety Tips for Winter Construction

November 19, 2018

With winter coming, things can get especially hazardous on the job. It is important for construction operations and contractors ...

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Black Friday is Coming, Is Your Business Ready?

November 12, 2018

Consumers are on track to spend $1,007.24 during the holiday season this year, up 4.1 percent since last year’s ...

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If Disaster Strikes, When Will You Need Extra Coverage?

October 22, 2018

You can’t say that your home is always going to be able to withstand damage. Sometimes there’s events that ...

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What the Decreased Labor Force Means for the Construction Sector

October 15, 2018

The construction unemployment rate currently sits at 5.2 percent, which is low; however, the construction labor force has stalled ...

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How the Food & Beverage Sector Can Adapt to the Rise of E-Commerce

October 8, 2018

The role of e-commerce is growing even in the food and beverage sector, and the only thing that can ...

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7 Home Improvement Projects That Shouldn’t be DIY

September 24, 2018

In this day and age, with Pinterest and YouTube tutorials, attempting to Do-It-Yourself is pretty common. People want to ...

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When Can Your Construction Site Be Liable for Third-Party Claims?

September 17, 2018

Liability insurance for construction workers is a necessity, especially when it comes down to third-party claims. Third-party claims happen ...

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