Professional Liability Insurance: What ABA Agencies Need to Know

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an increasingly popular treatment for individuals with autism, but the greater risk comes with its growing popularity. ABA agencies provide professional services to a vulnerable population. Therefore, they and face exposure to potential professional liabilities. Professional liability insurance can protect agencies from the financial aftermath of lawsuits while also promoting a positive risk profile for their business.

The Olson Duncan Agency has been a specialist in insuring Applied Behavior Analysis Malpractice Insurance for over 15 years. They understand the unique risks that ABA agencies face and have the expertise to ensure they have the coverage they need. Here’s what ABA agencies need to know about professional liability insurance and why working with a specialized agency is essential.

What is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional Liability Insurance, also known as Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance, is an insurance coverage that defends professionals from financial losses due to alleged errors, omissions, or negligence in the course of performing their professional services. In the case of ABA agencies, professional liability insurance provides coverage for the liability the agency may incur in rendering professional services related to the treatment of autism or developmental disabilities.

Why ABA Agencies Need Professional Liability Insurance?

ABA agencies work with a vulnerable population, often providing one-on-one treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities. This type of work exposes ABA Agencies to potential risks in providing professional services. Despite the best intentions, it is not unusual for an ABA agent to make a mistake or for someone to call their services into question.

Professional liability insurance provides peace of mind for ABA agencies and their patients by protecting them from financial losses due to lawsuits, claims, and other misconduct allegations. Without this protection, a single lawsuit could bankrupt an ABA agency, leading to closure and negatively impacting current and future patients.

Accreditation and Professional Liability Insurance

Accredited ABA agencies have a better risk profile, which may entitle them to more favorable rates from insurance carriers. As such, ABA agencies should consider getting accredited as it may lead to lower insurance premiums, ultimately saving money.

Why Work with a Specialized Insurance Agency?

Having an experienced and knowledgeable partner in your corner is critical. A specialist agency like The Olson Duncan Agency is vital in helping an ABA business identify gaps in coverage and tailor a professional liability insurance policy tailored to the ABA agency’s unique needs.

The Olson Duncan Agency not only has the expertise to customize a professional liability insurance policy that meets the needs of ABA agencies but also offers national coverage to ensure you’re covered wherever your business takes you – whether it’s operating out of a clinic, in the field, or in a school-based program. The Agency offers broad coverage so that ABA agencies have a solution that fits their needs and helps them manage the unexpected. The licensed staff at The Olson Duncan Agency is committed to negotiating with A-rated insurance carriers to obtain the best coverage for their clients at affordable prices.

In the unfortunate event that an ABA agency experiences a claim, The Olson Duncan Agency’s experienced team and carrier partners will take the reigns and help them through the process, ensuring their business is back on track and minimizing disruption.


In conclusion, professional liability insurance is not optional for ABA agencies. ABA agencies play a pivotal role in providing necessary services for individuals with autism and developmental disabilities and, as such, require a specialized insurance plan. The Olson Duncan Agency has been a trusted insurance partner for ABA agencies for over 15 years and also has the knowledge and experience to provide professional liability coverage tailored to your unique needs. For ABA agencies, there is no substitute for a specialized and experienced agency that understands your unique requirements to protect your business.

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