The Importance of Running an MVR Report

As an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) business owner, you want to guarantee that your employees are qualified and capable of carrying out their duties efficiently and safely. When hiring drivers for your business, it’s crucial to properly run a motor vehicle report (MVR) on each candidate to review their driving history, detect any issues that may pose risks to your business, and avoid future accidents.

The Purpose of an MVR

A driver’s MVR provides a detailed overview of their driving history and any traffic violations over a specific period. Running an MVR can help you assess the candidate’s driving skills and identify any issues or patterns that could put your business and clients at risk. It will also help you identify drivers struggling with alcohol or drug abuse, reckless driving behaviors, and other driving-related issues.

The Background Check

Checking the MVR of potential candidates before hiring them can also help you mitigate risks and protect the reputation of your business. If you hire a driver with an existing, poor driving record, there’s a high chance they may repeat the same action while driving your clients to their appointments or transporting them to other locations. Such behavior could result in accidents, injuries, and lawsuits against your business.

Carrying out MVR checks on existing employees can help you identify and address any unsafe driving practices or issues. This check can also help you ensure that your drivers comply with state and federal driving laws and prevent potential accidents or violations.

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage

You must also have adequate commercial auto insurance coverage to protect your business against any accidents or damages that may occur while on the job. Your insurance coverage will protect your business financially against third-party injury claims and property damage resulting from accidents while your employee is on the clock.

With the risks associated with hiring drivers, it is crucial that ABA businesses only recruit qualified drivers with a good driving record. Running MVR checks can help ensure your business and clients are safe. Getting adequate commercial auto insurance coverage can also protect your business reputation and finances against accidents or damages from an employee driving on the job.


In conclusion, running an MVR check on all licensed drivers before hiring them is crucial to ensuring driver safety and mitigating risks. ABA businesses must prioritize checking the driving history of potential employees to ensure that they employ only qualified and safe drivers. It’s also vital to have adequate commercial auto insurance coverage to protect your business against any unforeseen incidents that may arise while your employees are on the clock. By using these steps, your ABA business will maintain a strong reputation, reduce liability, and protect your business against any risks associated with transporting clients.

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