Preventing Abuse: Safety Practices in ABA Clinics.

Implementing safety practices in ABA clinics is critical to avoid litigation or a disastrous claim that might bring down your business. ABA therapists have one of the most stressful and potentially dangerous jobs. Ultimately, they deal with children daily and must always be understanding. It can be challenging for ABA therapists, especially when dealing with patients who have complex problems. But ABA therapy can also help a child, and it is good to take safety practices to make things easier for the patient. Likewise, you want to take the best care possible while also having the right insurance coverage in the event of an injury.

Safety Practices to Take

Safety practices are essential for running a good organization. Therefore, we outline some of the best ways to prevent abuse in your business.

Do Not Pick Up a Child

You should never lift, touch, or move a child. Most children begin therapy between 2-6 years old. However, many of the children are between 6-8 years old. Children can be slightly heavier than an infant or toddler would be. Thus, if you or any of your therapists were to pick up a child, you might risk an injury to yourself or the child. It could also lead to many other issues where an aggressive child thrashes the therapist.

Have an Adult in the Room

Having an adult in the room is best when you or your doctors treat patients. A parent can help dissuade a lousy situation since they know the child best. Additionally, it can help alleviate the pressure you face when dealing with a difficult patient.

Remove Any Sharp Objects

Patients can be unpredictable. Likewise, if that child displays aggression toward the therapist, it is essential not to have scissors, pencils, pens, or anything else that the child could use to harm you or anyone else in the room.

Never underestimate the ability of patients to use any object as a weapon. Therefore, it is best to enact preventative measures and ensure everything in the room is child-proof.

Organize the Furniture

Make sure the furniture is neat and tidy. Amazingly, this matters a lot. You may be dealing with a child wanting to escape the room. Thus, the best action would be to rearrange the furniture to prevent this from happening.

It also keeps things in order and allows you or your ABA therapists to maintain control of the situation. Furthermore, it alleviates many of your concerns, knowing you have established a setup that prevents an injury should the young patient attempt to escape.


Following these safety practices can help your ABA business prosper. Likewise, it can help your clients improve their daily lives. Enacting these measures is a good strategy that benefits everyone and keeps everyone safe and sound.

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