The Role of EPLI in Managing High Turnover in ABA Therapy Clinics

ABA Therapy clinics deal with a lot in their particular profession, and it is good to have employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) to deal with claims that someone may make against them. This insurance coverage can help mitigate many risks that come with working with numerous employees in an office. Furthermore, it helps cover numerous allegations of wrongful termination or sexual harassment. But how does EPLI help in mitigating high turnover?

EPLI Covers A Lot of Ground

This policy can help businesses prevent astronomical losses by providing good defense. Therefore, we outline three ways ABA therapists can use this to prevent high turnover.

Great Leadership

One of the efficient strategies for mitigating high turnover is providing outstanding leadership. Ultimately, the owner’s responsibility is to set an example for the rest of the team. They should efficiently and effectively communicate what they want from employees to ensure everyone complies with what they must do.

EPLI protects against allegations of wrongful termination, discrimination, and harassment. Therefore, bosses should judge each employee fairly on the quality of their work. You should also remember to treat employees equally when in charge of a business. Favoritism is never a good thing, and it can lead to many unwanted issues. Lastly, you should not tolerate harassment in your organization and continually work to prevent it.

Building a Team Support Group

Employees must know that they can depend on you. Therefore, help your staff understand that you will help them if they have any questions. ABA therapists have plenty of stress dealing with their clients. Therefore, create an environment where your therapists feel comfortable coming to you or anyone on your team to voice their concerns or troubles.

Remember that some of your employees might need time off. Also, remember that many claims have resulted from employers violating the Family and Medical Leave Act. People are not immune to mental health issues, which can also affect ABA therapists.

Build Educational Opportunities

ABA therapists are highly qualified professionals. However, even they can benefit from further education. Provide the outlet that allows them to learn more daily.

An excellent strategy to keep your therapists employed with your organization for a long time is by continually providing educational chances. Significantly, there is always something to learn. One therapist may not know how to deal with a particular client and could learn from a more experienced therapist. Furthermore, it can help them sharpen their skills.

Fair Wages

Everyone wants a fair wage. Likewise, if ABA therapists have worked at a business for a long time, they expect to get a monetary wage increase. EPLI protects against claims of failing to promote. However, the surest way to avoid this is by evaluating a therapist’s performance and giving them a good raise.

If an ABA therapist has done an exceptional job with the patients for the last year, they should receive a raise in accordance with the value of the business. Therefore, a raise is in order if the business thrives primarily due to that therapist.


EPLI is a coverage that covers scenarios you do not want to happen to you. Regardless, it is good to have if something goes wrong. Olson Duncan can provide the insurance program you need to prevent something horrible from happening to you or your business.

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